This piece was created during the RASGO residency in Gravatá (PE), in which I participated together with Marina Cyrino and Thelmo Cristovam. RASGO is coordinated by Thelmo Cristovam and Cássio Sales and produced by Beatriz Arcoverde.

The starting point for -8.23810, -35.54782 is a recording I made with the help of Thelmo Cristovam at dusk the day before I recorded the track. We recorded the weir in front of the studio.
For the track I improvised with the recording (made the day before), guitar and a feedbacked mixer, a so-called "no-input mixer". The field recording wasn't edited, it was just manipulated with a feedback mixer and a guitar. The result is a fusion of sounds from different sources - the field recording, the guitar and the feedback mixer. The sounds blend, transform and overlap.

Out of this experience I am conceiving the possibility of a performative cycle of sonic fabulations using field recordings, a no-input mixer and guitar.