Dave Foxall in a Jazz Noise:

“Two improvised live sessions – phantasmagoric soundscapes, electronically shaped, acoustically evolved. Flutes, guitars and amplified objects rub up against computer electronics and field recordings.”

The album Quem Indica? consists of two improvisations performed in the improvisation series Qi - Quartas de Improviso, organized in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) by Henrique Iwao and Matthias Koole. At Qi, they invite individuals, artists or not, to improvise with them. In these recordings, the guests are the musicians Natacha Maurer and Ariane Stolfi, respectively.

The recordings for this album are part of a virtual season held during the Covid-19 pandemic. The recordings were made with Natacha Maurer in São José dos Campos, Ariane Stolfi in Arraial d'Ajuda, Henrique Iwao in Belo Horizonte (all in different states of Brazil) and Matthias Koole in Berlin.

In Qi157, Natacha improvises with objects and randomly selected noise and audio. The track has a noisy character, with Henrique playing snare drum, objects, shakuhachi flute, and electronics. Matthias plays steel string guitar and No Input mixing. In Qi148 Ariane plays with her own digital interface, Playsound.space, and acoustic objects generating textures and loops with which Henrique and Matthias interact in a more gestural way.

Todd McComb in medieval.org:

“The result is also rather coherent, in that the DIY vibe doesn't yield (much) to sonic exoticism, or feature instrumental technique per se. Instead, a collective sound is developed, and timbres are shifting constantly to elaborate & respond to that sonic environment. There's thus a sort of situated menagerie, novel overall textures at various points, but a sense of world (even "framed" in QI148). As the forgoing might already suggest, there's also a stability & repetition at times (such that a textural comparison for some passages might again beCompassion & Evidence...), often with more rhythmic drive on QI148, yet still with space for extended passages invoking a sort of insect-like twittering (& then even a generalized amphibian-amphibology...). There's perhaps a sort of sense of imminent chaos at times too, but these twisting & sculpted worlds don't seem to break apart. […] So, once again, there's projection of hope (or at least life...), here around hybridity & perhaps pace changing habitats-worlds....”