Andy Hamilton in The Wire Magazine:

“On “Donkey Kick", it's hard to believe the percussive sounds come from flute. On “Inchworm”, additional effects are produced by a spring attached to the flute’s base, while the guitar is played with a cello bow. The noises on “Burpee” are uncannily reminiscent of a dentist’s high-pitched drill; “Duck Walk” is like a grumpy conversation. Droll, luminous and eventful.”

Fabrício Vieira in FreeForm, FreeJazz:

“As faixas podem ser divididas em dois blocos; de um lado, sete peças mais breves, duas delas com menos de 1 minuto, nas quais as ideias se desenvolvem de forma mais direta e pontual (exceção a “Donkey Kick”, que chega a 7 minutos e oferece mais tempo para as ideias irem preenchendo nossos ouvidos e atenção). A oitava peça, “Full Arch” (que forma sozinha o lado B na versão LP), se revela como uma síntese do projeto, abrindo e ressignificando caminhos pontuados pelas faixas mais breves. Com seus 18 minutos, “Full Arch” mostra a dupla em seu mais alto vigor criativo, desenvolvendo plenamente o proposto no projeto.”

Calisthenics is the first album by Institute for Certified Nomadic Illicit Sonic Practices (ICNISP), the Berlin-based duo of Brazilian musicians Marina Cyrino (flute) and Matthias Koole (el.guitar).

With a mixture of electronic and acoustic sound sources, objects and preparations, inside amplification and no-input mixing, the duo leads guitar and flute towards a common hybrid terrain. Sound perspectives are shifted, instrumental identities are displaced. The piccolo can function as a noise generator and a percussion instrument, the guitar can sound like a bird, the alto flute can be played by an external balloon that moans.

Partly inspired by drawings of the Handbook of Calisthenics and Gymnastics: A Complete Drill-book with Music to Accompany the Exercises by J. Watson, first published in 1864, ICNISP came up with a series of musical exercises to stay healthy and fit during the several lockdowns over the past few years. In a playful way, the titleCalisthenics also translates an agitation present in many of the duo's energetic playing modes.

On Side A, Calisthenicscomprises 7 tracks - or exercises - of different lengths, with a focus on specific instrumental materials or preparations. Side B consists of one track in which a larger form unfurls, with elements of the exercises concatenated into a Full Arch.

No cuts or overdubs.

Marina Cyrino - Amplified Piccolo and Alto Flute.
Matthias Koole - Electric Guitar.

Recorded and mixed by Rabih Beaini at Morphine Raum in Berlin. Mastered by Paulo Dantas in Rio de Janeiro.

Cover art by Sara Lambranho.

Dave Foxall in aJazzNoise:

“The A-side is a series of short, often-abrasive, sound sketches that combine electronic, acoustic and electrified sounds (if you’ve ever wanted to live inside a flute, this is what it sounds like). Then the B-side is a single, agitated ‘suite’. The intimacy and immediacy of the sound lifts this far above the usual ‘soundscape’ recording.”