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Album Launch oê [39:08] at OEM Records.

  1. Matthias Koole  (steel String guitar)
  2. Martin Clarke (saxophone)
  3. Peter Cusack (field recordings, guitar) & JD Zazie (turntables)

Four years after [34:46], a solo guitar album that looked back on my work with the electric guitar, I am releasing oê [39:08], an album that aims to open up new paths.

It is an album recorded on a steel string guitar, a very old, tiny parlor guitar that I acquired shortly before the recording. The recording was part of the process of getting to know this instrument, which has since become a dear part of my instrumentation.

The titles are references or deferences to influences in the form of persons, entities or objects. On this album, I use no electronics at all, only a few objects that are usually not very unusual for guitar playing and music making, such as a capo, spider capo, cello bow or drumstick. Perhaps the most unusual object is a balloon. My intention with this album is not to change or transform the sound of the guitar, but to meet its material potential.

Side A consists of 5 tracks, on side B I start from a similar point as on side A, but take it in a different direction.

No cuts or overdubs.

The album was produced by Labor Neunzehn and is part of our residency in the context of the Weltoffenes Berlin program of the Berlin Senate.

Cover design: Valentina Besegher
Recording: Matthias Koole
Mix: Emygdio Costa
Mastering: Paulo Dantas

Released on OEM Records on October 02, 2023